Hey You. My Name is Arturo.

About me

Full-time slacker, night-time hacker. Now a family man, (occasionally) driving a minivan.

A geek of no qualifications. I enjoy technology, music, movies, books, comics and photography.

What does jáquer mean?

It's the ortographic transcription of "hacker" in Spanish. Years ago, I was at a hacker meeting, and a guy came in wearing a shirt that said JÁQUER in big, bold letters. I told him, "Nice shirt", and he literally took it off his back and gave it to me. I've used "jáquer" as my username online ever since.


Bored? Check out my project notes. Really bored? I sometimes post to my microblog.


If you'd like to contact me, you can send me an email.

You can also find me at the following places, but let me warn you: you're gonna be severely disappointed: I rarely parciticate in any of them.

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